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Second  Takes

On March 24, 2019 I went to my mother's apartment. By now we had already completed the word for "Irma G: A Century of Hats and Spirit."  I came over knowing that mom loved to be photographed.  We didn't take much time of care to dress her up. She was wearing her everyday clothing and I went to her closet and took out a jacket. On the floor by her dresser was a bag of some of the items that I had brought for the hat project.  I took the fur hat from the bag, she put it on her head and we did this photo shoot as a shared activity.  

My mother died in January and in collecting photos for this website I found this series which I did not use for the hat project.  Upon examining the photos I was struck by my mother's huge range of expressions. During probably fifteen minutes of photos Irma was able to present a full array of her posed and candid expressions.  Irma G was a story-teller without even saying a word.  Here she is telling her story.

second take 4.jpg
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