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Seasonal Bouquets

Our untidy yard is happily filled with plants, including a profusion of vegetables, herbs, annual and perennial flowers.   The shrubs spread, vines climb and an overabundance of wild plants that happily inhabit our yard and provide a home for birds, bees and butterflies.

This series is selection of photos taken during the months of April through December to document the foliage and the flowers in our yard or nearby.

In these photographs, the April photos indicate the first delicate flowers of the season as well as those leaves who have overwintered.  May provides the most delicate photographs of the season, as the flowers are not likely affected by drought, disease or too much sun.  June, July and August include a vast and rich assortment of the flowers and vegetables, herbs and  ornamental plants. The autumn months indicate the stark beauty that exists after flowers have died.  The series finishes with a frosted bouquet of December.

Seasonal bouquets for website-4.jpg

April Bouquet; Maple blossoms, forsythia, violets

Seasonal bouquets for website-5.jpg

                          May Bouquet


                Periwinkle,  Violets, Bluebells

bleeding hearts without noise for librar

I                        June

June Bouquet

Bleeding Heart, Blue Bells, Violets, Barrenwort

Seasonal bouquets for website-10.jpg

 July Bouquet

Nasturtium, borage, geranium, hosta, Japanese dayflower, eggplant, lavender

Seasonal bouquets for website mixed bean

                        July Bouquet

                 Cherry tomatoes, borage 

Seasonal bouquets for website mixed bean

                          July Bouquet

      Watermelon Gherkin Cucumbers, borage

Seasonal bouquets for website mixed bean

July Bouquet

Green and Purple Beans


July Bouquet

Garlic Scapes

pokeweed september 2018.jpg

August Bouquet


august bouquet website.jpg

August Bouquet

Pokeweed, morning glory, Rose of Sharon,


Japanese Dayflower, mallow

red berries elisif- bouquetsEdit.jpg

August Bouquet

 Tansy, rose, evening nightshade

quinoa bouquet september 2021.jpg

September Bouquet


lemon verbena bouquet september.jpg

September Bouquet

Lemon Verbena

bouquets october.jpg

                         October Bouquet

         Cranberry beans, Scarlett Runner Beans


                  November Bouquet

    Beauty Berry, Barberry, Ragweed, Yarrow


November Bouquet

Beauty Berry and barberry

december frozen bouquet.jpg


Frozen Bouquet

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