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Onions are not just flavorful, but they are beautiful. Onions are a maze of swerves and curves.  Like people, they come in all shapes and colors and each individual onion contains its own particular zest and personality.  Onions are paradigms for our world; their thin skins protect their inner selves, which brim with complex flavors. Onions add their strength to make our dishes more flavorful. They give and give.  This collection of photos attempts to show the fine details of what makes the onion the queen of the garden and the mainstay of the culinary world. 

onion 17.jpg
onion 18.jpg
onion 8.jpg
onion 9.jpg
onion 10.jpg
onion 4.jpg
Onion 1.jpg
onion 16.jpg
onion 12.jpg
onion 15.jpg
onion 18.jpg
onions 19.jpg
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