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Nancy S.G.

San Fransisco November, 2020

Yesterday I sat outside in the sun for two hours.   Very little wind. Lots of humidity.

Warm and toasty until the sun went behind the uphill.


We have been anticipating the long forecasted rain.

End of the fire season - relief!

End of my Tuesday morning pickup of vegetables.


Now I am on leak watch again, paused last April.

The leak has defined my life for a while.

The repair of the leak is scheduled for two weeks from now.

It was repaired 6 years and we repaired the wall as well ,

then two years later it(the leak) returned.


Pictures have been off the walls.

Books are in boxes.

Moving up the contractor’s list.


Irresponsible home owner?

December, 2020

January, 2021

Nancy Nine Women Late January 7.jpeg
Nancy Nine Women Late January 4.jpeg

Chronicle of Nancy


This is what we have


My life may seem boring 


But it is not uneventful


February is is full of hope


Flowering fruit trees and garlic shoots and stray berries


Valentine’s cake for my other me


Upcoming baking - bagels and hamantaschen

February/March, 2021

Nancy Eight women March 3.jpeg
Nancy Eight Women March 4.jpeg
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