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Eight Women

Sophie J.    September - December, 2020

sophie close up nine women.JPG

Sweet 16 in quarantine. I had a bunch of friends come over and we hung out outside in my yard. They made me posters too!  This year, we could do a normal indoor recital so we had an outdoor stage. It was very different than usual, but a great experience. Even with covid going on, we still did our usual trips to cape cod. At the beach we didn’t have to wear masks, which was nice.  One thing I do almost everyday is take Luna for a walk. We have a trail across the street and she loves to run around in the woods.

Sophie nine Women Dcember 8.HEIC
Sophie Nine Women December 1.HEIC
Sophie Nine Women December 10.HEIC
Sophie December Nine Women 3.JPG

Sophie: January , 2021

We got so much snow this week, and Luna loves running around in it. 


Now that I can drive, my sister and I have been going out and running errands together!


I went to The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and got to see the Monet exhibit.

February-March, 2021

Sophie Nine Women March 8.HEIC
Sophie Nine Women March 6.HEIC
Sophie Nine Women March 10.HEIC
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