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Bernice September, 2020

Bernice Nine Women September 2020.jpg
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November, 2020 

For September
2 friends walking outdoors with masks and walkers.
It,s important to be safe.
Bernice at her computer 🧑‍ composing for a writing ✍️ class and trying out new skills while her grandchildren thinks she’s a”cool Bubbie!”

Zooming. With my 4 children on Thursday night and Zooming before Shabbat and all day Saturday with 11 great grandchildren and their parents fr om Los Angeles to Pittsburgh to Potomac, Md. and FAIRFAX,Va. up to Philadelphia giving me lots of “Naches”.
Welcoming my 6 ft. 4 in. Grandson back fr om schooling and w or king in Colorado back to the East Coast so we can keep him “well fed”!
3.reflections on the pond outside my windows on a sunny afternoon
4. “Blowing in the wind”-in my very favorite setting, at Racing Beach in Falmouth where my children and grandchildren swam and sailed after their grandpa Huck taught them to take the h elm and then ‍ graduate to sail in the open ocean over to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and all the islands!

November-My great grandson,s 4 yr. old Birthday Party with an ice cream truck at an outdoor party  with all his “day care” friends and their parents having all the ice cream they wanted and trying out all of Hudson,s bikes and scooters in between chasing each other all over the front and back yards!
2. Scene along the bike path in Falmouth where Huck and I would bike to Woods Hole, have a muffin and coffee and bike home.
3. 2 year old little sister Rayna having her 2nd fancy ice cream bar at her brothers birthday  party where Bella the dog is hoping it will drop down so she can share!
4. Reflections of Autumn leaves to enjoy while walking around the pond.

1,2,and 3–Exercizing in the pool for 30 minutes,twice a week-just 2 people in pool at a time during pandemic —one of the highlights of the week while”sheltering in place”
4. Doing “bridging” for my physical therapist who is kind to me helping with balancing for this 92 year old lady who did Yoga for 65 years, and now is a”Wimp” doing chair yoga!(Happily).

Bernice fire.jpg

                              December, 2020

Bernice Flowers.JPG

Orchids chocolates,nuts,dried fruits,shawls and masks 
What else can you give a 93 year old Bubbie for her birthday ?
Lots of birthday cards and love messages-I am blessed!

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bernice sunrise california.JPG
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When the pandemic hit Orchard Cove everything Shut down.
We were confined to our apartments in the “Independent Living” floors.Trash was picked up outside our doors,Mail was delivered to mailboxes set up outside our doors,and dinner and lunches delivered and chosen from menus on our doors. The corner store and supermarket delivery also brought to our doors. Whatever  we had ordered by phone. Our weekly cleaning ladies and all visitors were suspended!
How lucky we were to have .fitness lessons twice a day with chair yoga,Tai Chi to choose from on our InHouse Tv station along with wonderful concerts,movies,our virtual weekly Current Events.
The Personal Aides were screened coming in and every precaution was taken to keep us safe.
Zoom was a life saver for me,as I had a weekly ZOOM MEETING with my 4 children and an additional Zoom weekly watching many of my 11 great grandchildren growing,3 little one s learning to walk,the newest grandsons Bris celebration, and their outdoor playing,and a 4 year old,s outdoor birthday party with a ice cream truck for the festival!
As the COVID eased up after some months,we were allowed the “privilege” of walking to the trash room and mail boxes ourselves, and walking outdoors. What a delight to walk around the building,viewing the lake and birds and actual human beings, all masked, keeping our social distancing.
Slowly,more privileges-choosing a “bubble” of no more than 4 people to socialize with,chairs placed in the hallways carefully distanced, the pool opening with 30 minutes for  2 people at a time, and gym appointments as well carefully distanced, and indoor visitors, no more than 2. The cleaning ladies came back to us every other week!
Each little new privilege is a treat. We have been fortunate to have had 2 COVID vaccinations!  The dining rooms are still not open,but we are well and hopeful with a supportive staff and remarkable leaders so that we look forward to the months ahead getting us back to what always felt like the Cruise Ship (on land)!

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