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About Nine Women

2020 has turned out to be a year we would all like to forget about. Sickness, isolation, a thousand changes to our routines are only some of factors that severely limited us over the past eleven months.  Young women struggle with school, different  ways to approach their extra curricular activities and socializing. Women in their young adult years struggle with doing their jobs, working from home or not working at all and making ends meet while many plans are put on hold.

For women in childbearing years there are the extra burdens of caring for children, keeping children safe and for many women also working. For women in this age bracket the pressures to perform both in the home and in the workplace are overwhelming.

For older people no longer working and socially distancing from children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, life is full of different challenges.  Loneliness, fear of illness and keeping busy are all issues that older women contend with in 2020.

This project, Nine Women, is a look at 9 women's lives during the pandemic.  This project only began toward the end of the summer, when disease levels were lower and people felt more free to be outdoors.  As we approach the winter months life gets more complicated as disease levels rise and people need to be away from others more.  

It is my hope that this series of photographs from women from 16-92 will give a brief snapshot into the little things that women are doing to keep busy, keep engaged and safe. This is a documentary that shows what women are doing to bring comfort to their lives.  Each woman in the project was asked to choose a project, so under the umbrella of Nine Women are nine lives and nine ways of living with Covid restrictions.

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